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Mata Kebaja Mata Temple located on the hill of Ramgarh village, adjacent to Sendra (Pali) where Mata Kebaja, who is enshrined on the lap of the hills at a height of a thousand feet above the ground, is worshiped as a miraculous goddess. This temple located at the foot of the hill is believed to be over a thousand years old. Many sages have meditated at the feet of the goddess. In this ancient temple, there are five Kadamba trees that are not seen in any other temple. There is a Mahakund on the premises of the temple. Which is full of waterfalls that fall from the hills. It is a believed that the water in this pond has never been depleted. No matter how difficult the situation was.

The Goddess is worshiped in the form of a Pindi at Maa Kaibaja Dham, located in the lap of the mountain garland. To the east of the temple, Chang ki Dhuni, which is the main place of the Aghor ranks. In the west, the ancient Dhoni of Baba Balaknath is situated in Bodwad. The devotees drink the water in this pond as nectar. Incurable diseases are cured by drinking the water of that kund. On the full moon day, wild animals also come to this pond. On this day, the mother’s vehicle, Panther, is also seen roaming the temple. To date, no wild animal has caused any harm to any devotee at this court.

Fair fills up every year
During Navratri, each devotee is absorbed in worship and devotion in the temple. during Navratra, On Ashtami day, there is a Jagran in the mother’s temple. The fair fills up on Navami day. In which, in addition to dozens of villages in the mountainous region, large numbers of devotees from the neighboring districts of Ajmer and Rajsamand also flock for darshan. So this Dham is also considered an important center of faith for the people of the area.

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