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The holy place of Baba Dhansar is located in Karua Jheel (pond) near Karua village, 17 km from Reasi towards Katra in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir state, India. Access involves a 200-meter walk from the road. It is a mythological belief that when Lord Shiva went to Amarnath cave to tell Parvati the story of her immortality, he left his serpent king, Sheshnag, in Anantnag. Shesh Nag came in human form as Vasudev. One of Vasudev’s sons was Dhansar, who was a holy person.

As local belief says, in ancient times there was a demon who lived near Karua Jheel (lake) and committed atrocities against the people of Karua village. The villagers sought the help of Baba Dhansar to get rid of the Demon. Baba Dhansar is believed to have prayed to Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva arrived and helped kill the demon. The Baba Dhansar temple and a cave of Lord Shiva near Karua Jheel have become a place of worship. Karua Jheel is considered sacred where bathing is not allowed. However, devotees can bathe downstream. People believe that their wishes are fulfilled if they bathe in the stream and pray with complete faith. A large number of devotees visit the place every year on Mahashivratri day when an annual festival (mela) is organized. This place is the hometown of actor Sumit Raina.

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