Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Swamy Temple

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Yediyuru Siddhalingeshwara Temple is a very famous pilgrimage center located in Yedeyuru village, Kunigal city of Karnataka state in India.

Although called a temple, it contains Nirvikalpa Shivayoga Samadhi of Tontada Siddalinga, a great revered Lingayata saint who flourished during the late 15th century.

The temple holds annual festivals during Maha Shivaratri and Ugadi.

On the seventh day of the beginning of the Hindu (Ugadi) calendar Chaitra bahula saptami, jathre is performed to mark the attainment of Sri Siddhalingeshwara’s Samadhi. Every year in Maha Shivarathri Sahasra Rudrabhisheka is performed. The Sahasra Kamala Pooja, Laksha Bilvarchane pooje is performed in the month of Shravana and Kumbhabhisheka is performed every new moon day. During the annual festival of Deepavali (festival of lights) Laksha Deepotsava is performed by lighting the temple with oil lamps according to the Hindu tradition. The temple has a large wooden chariot (Ratha). The automobile festival takes place on the seventh lunar day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra Masa (March-April).


About shri Yediyuru Siddhalingeshwara Temple

Sri Siddalingeshwara Swamy, a great Saint Sharana worshiped on the path of Lingayatha Shiva Sharana Parampare of spreading Thatva of Life called VACHANAS. He traveled far and wide preaching the Sharana faith, which is predominantly praying with ISHTA LINGA (atma linga) as envisioned by Basavanna, Allamaprabhu and a vast group of learned men and women from all walks of life (12th century in present day Bijapur district).

He performed 12 years of penance in a garden belonging to Vokkaligara Nambiyana (Thota) and thus came to be known as Thontada Siddalingeshwara Swamy. He led the Murugi Mutha and had a large number of disciples, some of whom wrote on the faith and philosophy of Lingayat. Therefore, Yedeyuru is considered to be a seat of awakened spiritual awareness.

He wrote Shathsthala Jnana Saramrutha, which contains 701 Vachanas (Poems) that are leading Sthalas (path) to Attain Ikya, meaning participation in light.

He traveled everywhere, preached eternal truth, and performed many miracles for dozens of people regardless of his caste or creed. His life and his values ​​that he possessed demonstrated the divine powers that he had achieved to heal the sick and suffering.

He is considered as one of the greatest saints of the Sharana sect in the Lingayat religion.


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