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Punrasar Balaji Temple was established in Jaisth Sudhi Purnima by Vikram Samvat in 1775. This place is surrounded by sand dunes and is located about 57 km from Bikaner. Besides the main Nij temple, there is also a Hanumanji statue on the Khejdi tree. In Khejdi, the ancient Hindu custom of Jhadula (cutting the hair of newborn children) is carried out. Churma Prasadi, a sweet dish made of wheat flour, butter, and sugar, is provided to Pujari devotees and their relatives as prasad. The prasad is first offered to Hanumanji for bhog and then distributed to the devotees.

Every year three famous fairs are held in Punrasar. They take place in Chaitra Sudhi Purnima, Asoj Sudhi Purnima and the month of Bhadrapad each. There are many rooms located on the temple premises that are available to devotees at no cost. There is also a newly built Dharamshala that has rooms from A.C. and Non A.C. called Jairam Dharamshala. A Bhojnalaya (for food) is also run by the Temple Governing Body (i.e. Mandir sri Punrasar Hanumanji Pujari Trust) at no cost, which is famous for its delicious food.



Punrasar is part of the Bikaner district in Rajasthan and is situated on National Highway 11. It is 57 km from Bikaner, 43 km from Shri Dungargarh and 15 km from Seruna.



According to legend, in 1774 there was a famine in Punrasar. People began to flee in search of food and wages. Jairam Das Bothra, a resident of Punrasar, went to Punjab in search of grain. When he was leaving with sacks loaded on a camel cart, the camel’s leg broke and he could not walk. Bothra convinced his colleagues to return to town and then went to sleep. He suddenly felt like someone was calling him; he woke up and looked around, but he couldn’t find anyone. He went to sleep, but heard the same sound again and still found no one. He remembered Hanuman and folded his hands, asking for the one who was making that sound to appear. Then Hanuman appeared as a pundit and said, “O devotee! I know you are in trouble, but from now on all your problems are solved.” After saying this, he pointed to the statue of Hanuman and asked Bothra to take it away and establish it in the village, adding that this would solve all of his problems. Bothra replied that his camel’s foot is broken, so he can’t go on. Then the pundit said that his camel was fine, and Bothra was amazed to see that his camel was fine and ready to go. He took the Hanuman statue with him and set it up. The pundit told Bothra that he or his family members would have to take care of the deity. Since then, Bothra’s successors have been taking care of the temple. The Bothra family belongs to Jain Bothra Baniya.


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